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Wife 3.0

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

The other day on the tea table, I was discussing with my friend about family life and work balance. We were comparing married life with software products and a whole new perspective came about!!

Let’s assume 1 year of married life is 1 version of a software product release called ‘Wife‘. So, 1 year anniversary is Wife 1.0, 2 year anniversary is Wife 2.0 and 4 years and 3 months would be Wife 4.3.

If you start thinking about it then you can find lot of similarities between software development and married life. For example,

  • In the earlier product version there is lot of excitement within the project teams.
  • There is lot of temptation to add new features to the product (gold platting).
  • With each release of product the software gets more and more bloated.
  • Higher product versions have higher maintenance and higher risk of issues..

I am sure you get the idea. :-)…. Well I am at Wife 3.0 but I get loads of good advice from my friend who is at Wife 9.8!!

Disclaimer: This blog post is categorized in the humor section. There is no prejudice against any of my female colleague but they are welcome to share their views!!! I just hope my wife does not read this… 😉