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Business Objects

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I use Business Objects for creating dynamic reports to measure project performance, budget and schedule while working with our client. As I have continued to use it over the period of years, I have acquired a great respect towards this product.

Well, first things first… What is Business Objects?

As per wiki, Business Objects (a.k.a. BO, BOBJ) is a French enterprise software company, specializing in business intelligence (BI). It has been acquired by SAP since 2007. Its flagship product is BusinessObjects XI, with components that provide performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis and enterprise information management.


I see lot of value in introducing this tool within our company. It can provide greater visibility to middle and upper management and will help them in making business decisions more accurately. It can help in

  • Identifying which projects are doing well in terms of finance, client satisfaction & project goals
  • Forecasting projections in terms of capacity utilization, Revenue, Gross Margin etc.
  • Identifying Resource Requirements & Resource Availability for the whole year
  • Setting Realistic Targets based on past perfomance, future prospects and expectations.

Here is an extract from one of its brochure

Your valuable business data already exists. But until now, static, predefined reporting traditions have made it nearly impossible to use that data effectively. Only with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer can business users unleash the true power and actionable insight hidden within their data, uncovering critical trends and business outcomes at different levels and groupings within their organization and industry.

Also, it is really simple to use. You can try it out at this site. It has amazing amount of views & options. You can either use some pre-defined data or even upload your own data to check it out!

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