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December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Eye-Tracking is a process of identifying “where the user is looking at”, to improve user experience. This is NOT a new technology. In fact Eye-Tracking goes as far back as 1879!!

One of its main commercial application is Web Usability. It is very useful in designing the web user interface.


This video by Joe Leech gives a high level overview on how Eye-Tracking helps in creating a great user interface. Joe highlights the following benefits of eye tracking

  • The developer sees what the user sees
  • It makes design decisions easier
  • It helps in designing the User Interface fundamentals
  • It helps in evaluation the effectiveness of what user reads on a page
  • It is a great way to engage the project team

There is already lot of research done on interpreting Eye-Tracking results to maximize hits. This 5 part series explain the intricacies of understanding Eye-Tracking results.

eye result

Why does Eye-Tracking work?

  1. Eyes are hardwired into your brain and the eyes cannot lie.
  2. Eyes can’t be “put down” like a mouse between clicks.
  3. Eyes + clicks + subjective questions give a comprehensive view into the user experience.

So have you used Eye-Tracking in any of your web designing projects?