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I Believe I Caused This…

February 20, 2010 1 comment

All of us have a faced a technical problem sometime or the other that we need to solve urgently. Let’s take this particular case…

I am working on a project and everything is going well. I have thoroughly unit tested the code… code review is done… QA is done… and the customer is positive about their progress in the acceptance testing. I am already thinking of the project that I am going to work on next! But suddenly in one of the customer tests, the system goes down!!

Our first instinct in such case is naturally to figure out what went wrong. We will look at interfaces, external systems, system capacity etc. and try to do everything to understand the problem & recreate the scenario.

Deep down we always hope that it is NOT our code that has caused the issue and try to find other reasons for the failure. We think since we have followed all the processes in making the code ready, it cannot be our fault and we hesitate to look at our code to find the issue.

I can empathize with the above scenario but do not agree with it. If there is an issue, then we need to always believe that it is caused by our code. If we believe that the issue is caused by us then it is much easier to find the cause of the issue. We will first look at our code to find mistakes & will be able to resolve the issue more quickly!

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February 13, 2010 3 comments

We all have seen similar screens (as shown below) while registering a new account or submitting some comments on public site.


Well this is CAPTCHA. Its objective is to tell humans and computer apart. One of its main purpose is to act as a security in preventing spams. CAPTCHA was introduced way back in 1997 by Alta Vista and so it has a long history.

But there is always a challenge to keep CAPTCHA’s up to date. Hackers and Researchers are always coming up with several ways to break CAPTCHA’s. This has resulted in creation of more comlplicated CAPTCHA’s and these days, I have noticed that, they are becoming increasingly difficult for humans to interpret.

There are also other uses of CAPTCHA’s like digitizing books and playing games. For example tagging images (Google Image Labeler) and guessing you gender!!


Well the jury is out and CAPTCHA’s are here to stay. I know that sometimes it can be a pain to enter these words but at the same time we can also have a lot of fun with them!!

The New Wave

February 4, 2010 5 comments

Most of you would have heard about the new collaboration tool Google Wave.

It is like a combination of wiki, discussion forum, e-mail, picture/video sharing collaborative tool which works in realtime. It also supports application & extensions. There are number of blogs on the internet explaining it zillion features & possible uses.


It is currently in preview stage and access to it is based on invitation. If you need an invite let me know. I have a few invitations left.

So, do you want to wave with me? I am really excited in trying this out!! 🙂