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All of us know that backups are necessary and it is imperative that we backup all useful data. But it is easier said than done. How many of us have learned the lesson the hard way? How many time have you felt like the manager in the comic strip?


Some of us have learned the lesson in a hard way and some of us in a good way. I had learnt my lesson in a good way. I can share it with you….

Back in 1995 when I had entered the world of computers for the first time (in NIIT, of course), we had to work on a dummy development projects as one of our assignment. Those were the days when the disk space was expensive and you had do the whole project on the network workarea. This workarea used to be cleared after every session and so we were provided with floppy disk to save our programs. I used to save the programs in my own floppy disk in addition to the one provided by the institute. My partner sometimes wondered that why I am wasting my time in creating two copies and I used to just mutter something.

Then the day before the project evalutation it happended… the lab assitant accidently dropped the floppy box containing the assignments of the whole class. There were many complaints and the assitants had a nightmare job in helping everybody restoring there work. Also, the evaluator was kind enough in being generous with her grade while evaluating. But I still remeber her face when I brought my own copy & restored our entire project. My team’s project was the only working model in the class.

I learnt my lesson in a good way. From that time onwards, I was always finnicky about backups. From floppy disk, it went to CD R/RW, DVD, pen drives, portable hard disk etc. All my critical local data is backedup on my pen drive on regular intervals, which is again backed up to an alternate PC or a laptop. In addition to backing up local data it is important to back up online data. For e.g. I have created another blog which is an exact copy of this blog.

Backups… backups… backups…. you can never do enough backups. To conclude, I will quote from this blog post by which I was inspired to write this article.

“So when, exactly, is International Backup Awareness Day? Today. Yesterday. This week. This month. This year. It’s a trick question. Every day is International Backup Awareness Day.”

  1. Vaibhav Palan
    January 6, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    I enjoy reading your blogs and they are well written…thanks

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